Womens Wellness – Getting Older The Better Way.

Being aware of the role that the seasons of life play in how we feel, act, dress and look is important, so that we can become more powerful women. I feel the seasons are akin to four key phases of our lives.This article is aimed at the autumn of our lives.

Spring represents the first quarter of our life; our physical bodies are growing, able to repair and produce cells at a fast pace. We take good health for granted. Our minds are loaded like a computer with language and knowledge about the rules of the world, with very little maturity to question anything.

Sound research from a new branch of science has shown how our belief systems are embedded in our minds, much like implanting a virus into the mind. They call this mind virus a MEME. Our belief systems are embedded with cultural memes to program us as to how a woman should behave and dress at certain ages, often with a disempowering motive. It is how we learn how to behave in the roles of a daughter, wife, mother, lover, friend, worker and boss. This learnt behaviour will shape future genes.

Summer, typically spans 20 to 40, those years demanding a multifaceted role with reasonably sound health.We ladies are running from pillar to post with studying, careers, marriage and parenting. This busy time calls for survival and giving, rather than reflection on our own lives.

The Autumn of our life, from 40 to 70, brings the time when young families have flown the nest. Hormones are changing as the child bearing years recede, but this phase in our lives no longer needs to lead into a difficult menopause, that’s all old hat. Healing is slower, the body needs nurturing to fire it up, we have to put effort into  staying physically strong and supple, and yes exercise is needed for weight control and looking good. The face needs careful attention to retain a youthful glow. Raw vegetables, plenty of water, supplements, face crèmes, and ladies we can and do look stunning.

The mind is key at this stage in life. It can be when women are most successful with their careers. Louise Hay at 62 launched the most successful publishing house for example. The mind, or more importantly our cultural beliefs, can also be our worst enemy. I meet women who say ‘I’m 60 , I need to slow down’. If you see yourself as getting old at 60, that’s exactly what you will be.

Yet, here has never been such an exciting time for this phase of our lives. Given the vote in the 1920’s, we now stand strong, able to command very rewarding jobs. By the  1990’s, women in the USA owned around 40 % of the  companies, and being more people orientated bosses, supplied work for many.

As has been true for thousands of years, good preparation is Autumn is vital for how well we cope, or survive, in Winter. And so it is in the seasons of life, we can now enjoy much better health and companionship, only if we prepare well in the autumn of life.

Only in very recent years have women again started to wonder where the memes of male dominance arrived. Woman used to be revered staying in safe caves whilst men went hunting.  Spiders haven’t been told about the relatively recent male dominance, they mate, and then she kills him, and makes sandwiches with her lover’s dead body. Food for thought!

So ladies, please take some time out to reflect on your lifes’ purpose and future health and happiness. Then take action; eat well, exercise, look after your skin and body, study new exciting interests and remember to laugh a lot. Above all, shed those antiquated negative and limiting memes and believe you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

My resolution is that I am creating a healing, womblike room within the new part of my clinic, with a warm couch for us ladies to repair our weary souls and reflect on healing whilst our bodies are massaged. My aim is to help you wake up from all the negative media memes and quick fix drugs, and powerfully drive our lives into health and happiness for ourselves, our men folk, and generations to come.

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