A machine won the war for us

I recently watched a moving film called the Imitation Game based on a true story.The lead role brilliantly performed by Benedict Cumberbatch.This inspired me to write about it in my next book the human garage volume 1,the mind.
The story is tragic and enlightening about the human mind, one mans’ emotional fragility, his beliefs and unrelenting drive.The life changing impact of a powerfully creative force within the human mind that is capable of building a machine to solve complex problems at a speed beyond the evolutionary boundaries of our biological brain.
The film was based on the true story of Alan Turing during World War ii,in the darkest hour of devastation and loss of life, when it looked like we were losing. He was an brilliant emotionally tortured unsung war hero, and exceptional mathematician that built the first computer to crack the enigma code and win the war for us.
The Enigma code needed millions of variations to be calculated in just 24 hours beyond the ability of the human mind to crack the code.
Alans’ machine cracked it, and strategically, by using the information from the machine of where the Germans would strike England won the war, and many people lived, thanks to the marriage between man and machine.
The story flows deep, the computer is named after Alan’s childhood sweetheart Christopher, who died at 18, breaking his heart. Alan was gay, and Christopher then became more than the name of his machine, his spirit lived within it.
Homosexuality was still against the law in those days and Alan avoided being imprisoned by accepting the punishment of being injected by dangerous female hormones causing tremors, depression and brain dysfunction. His killed himself at just 42.Had he lived, imagine what other miracles his mind could have come up with.
Yet again we have a story about how someone with special gifts, was to all accounts, murdered by a lack of tolerance in the human mind.
Jesus was a healer,and was placed on a cross to die.Humans are very capable of brutal punishment and intolerance.
If we want to hang onto our precious consciousness, perhaps we should take a long hard look at what it is we are hanging on to .
Humans as we speech can program robots with a consciousness, I wonder what will be programed in the future?Artificial intelligence is coming and faster than we realise.If a machine can win the war for us how can we complain?