Sports Injury

With the busy lifestyle we all lead these days, it’s just another big stress if we can’t do the activities we want at the speed we need to without pain because of a sports injury.
I experienced this earlier in the year, rushing in the gym and my knee swelled up so badly I could hardly walk. The pain was immense.

I knew what I had to do; ice and elevate, reduce weight bearing activities, move muscles and stretch only within pain tolerance. Then change my fitness activities to reduce loading on the knee, while preserving as much general fitness as possible. Eat anti inflammatory foods i.e. up my raw veggies and supplements intake and yet…..

My mind was jumping thru hoops. I imagined I had severe arthritis… in my mind I was on the operating table having surgery again …… my mind had gone into overdrive, telling me my fitness days were over. Having had previous surgery for a torn cartilage I was concerned.

I attempted to self diagnose by bending my knee around in various positions and prodding it vigorously, but this only fuelled my imagination. Common sense took over and being fortunate to have an orthopaedic surgeon on site, I got my knee looked at and scanned.

This proved to my unhelpful conscious mind that there was no terrible injury and my subconscious kicked in to step up the healing rate. This experience reminded me of the importance of peace of mind with sports injury and gave me a nudge to include this in my series of articles.

I believe a fast diagnosis and rehab plan is imperative to a fast recovery and return to sport.

We give free advice via our website and we are soon to launch a major upgrade which will guide you through an explanation of different injuries.  So use us and get rapid feedback through blogging as well.

Anyway I went onto have MBST treatment to repair and regenerate the damaged cartilage, and with a tailor made fitness program by my team, I was up and going, pain free in a matter of days.

Mentally the relief was immense. I knew exactly how hard to push my knee and could enjoy a structured return to everything.

You see with sporting injuries fear of the unknown causes more problems than its worth. Fear of not being able to play at your best any more, fear of letting the team down, fear of letting the community down.

The pleasures of sport go beyond exercising our muscles, joints, heart and digestive system. Most importantly it enhances our community spirit.  Hence our latest venture with Stafford Hockey and Cricket Club as the chosen Sports Injury specialists, to boost injury prevention, recovery and moral. It’s nice to share happy successful news in the local community and help put our local town on the map for sporting excellence in the coming years.

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