Lets meditate on life

I have always found meditation useful to reduce stress and anxiety. Beyond this it has a higher purpose, which is to rediscover our true nature. When our minds are uncluttered we make better choices and we get happier and healthier. When we learn to look deeper into the way we think about the world, especially our purpose for being here, and the way we communicate this, our whole way of living can radically change, and relationships blossom.

There is evidence to suggest the human brain has is still evolving. Within the brain architecture is housed the evidence of its historical development. Modern day MRI imaging has allowed us to start to understand the way we use our minds. It is fascinating that ancient knowledge supports these scientific findings, and the only difference being the language and symbols used to describe it.

In ancient cultures we were very much part of nature, we treated the earth with reverence and worship and considered our healthy existence depended on this.

Shamans pre-dated our modern day doctors, they were masters of meditation and medicine. These ancient healers, guardians of the earth, were forced into secrecacy by so called religious invaders, who kidnapped their lands and tortured those who spoke of the old ways.

Let me briefly share with you how you can look at problems in a fresh way using ancient knowledge.

I have come across shamanic teachings that describe four levels of perception, called serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle.

As you read on you may recognise your predominant way of thinking. Serpent represents the part of the brain we share with lizards and reptiles. We need this to be working well in crisis situations, it is about survival, instinctive needs and holds a very material perception .Dominant lizard brained people take care of business in a very practical way. However, they are not always too pleasant to be around.

Jaguar perception is all to do with the mammalian brain , called the amygydala or limbic center. This way of looking at the world is built on the reptilian perception , with added curiousity , care, compassion, sharing, socially interacting and loving. We look with our belief system seeing what we believe to be true and we share this way with all mammals. In this state of mind with a single new insight we can break free of old habits.

Hummingbird is the ‘soul of the brain’, it encases the other two and embraces such experiences as imagery, music, poetry and dreaming.This is housed in the neocortex which evolved 100,000 years ago. Here we look with reason and we visualise and create solutions within a world seen full of meaning, and we embrace wellbeing.

Finally the eagle perception housed in the prefrontal cortex, the ‘GOD’ brain.It has been described as:”God experiencing itself through man .”Here we look with concerns about the planet, quantum mechanics, the future, pollution, big picture solutions to problems.

Meditation is the door way to explore how you think about problems. Where do you predominantly operate from?

This is just a brief example how an early culture used the power of the mind, many cultures meditate buddism to name a few, some of the most successful people on the planet have learnt the ancient secrets to mastering the power of the mind.Learning to move through different levels of perception brings awareness and opportunity to live an enriched and happy life.