Do Something Different And Win

If we were all smart we would all be thinking

‘let’s find out what’s good about things that other people do and copy them’.

Why aren’t we smart enough to do this?  The answer is because it’s very difficult to break out of normal local behaviour. It’s difficult to adopt a new set of beliefs. It takes courage and determination. For many, change will not happen until it’s forced upon them by a significant incident, such as suffering a stroke or heart attack.

Erica Jang

I will tell you story of one of our patients, I will call her Anne. Anne first came to see Nicky 16 years ago for help with her low back pain, caused by many years of bending all day as a primary school teacher.

Nicky killed her pain and Anne did then what most patients do, which was to stop treatment and get on with her life. At the time she was newly retired and thought that a couple of treatments would get her fixed and that would be that.

Unfortunately, a 60 year old spine will have suffered a lot of wear and tear, whatever her lifestyle had been. It was, however, also more prone to damage from 40 years of constantly stooping.  Inevitably, the low back pain returned as a niggle, was ignored and just got worse until the pain was so bad it forced more treatment.

Thus, a pattern emerged of breaks in treatment, a slow build up in pain until intolerable, interspersed with periods of intense treatment with David to get the pain removed again.

Eventually, after many years of this pattern, it dawned on Anne that it might be smarter to get regular maintenance to keep the problem at bay.

It occurred to her that she had no problem with going to the dentist every 6 months for a clean and check up, because she knew this would most likely prevent any serious tooth decay and the pain and cost of dealing with that. And yet for some reason she had ignored the rest of her body. Why on earth would she do that she pondered. Were her teeth somehow more important than anything else?


Well everybody knew that it was the norm for a 6 month dentist check up.  Everybody knew that you’d be daft if you didn’t get your car regularly maintained.


Yet she didn’t know anybody who had their body regularly maintained.

The more she thought about this, the more illogical it was.  Just because most people didn’t get regular body maintenance, that was no reason to do the same.

The realisation sunk in that she had been daft to wait until her body broke down before she got treatment.

In November 2017 she switched to a monthly maintenance routine with David, with the aim of extending the time between appointments until an optimum was found.

caption 2

The result has been no return of her pain, no return of the restriction on her lifestyle that the pain caused and a saving on her treatment cost.

Not only that, she is now able to do a 2 mile walk every day which is helping her tackle a blood sugar problem, which if left untreated could develop into diabetes. She wouldn’t have been able to consistently do this unless she had switched to maintaining her body.


If you are suffering from long term, or chronic pain, it may well be that you need to consider a maintenance program to keep your pain at bay, so that you can get on with your life and be able to do the things which are important to you.

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