Cricket Injuries

Cricket injuries will start with the cricket season. Make sure you are properly prepared in order to get the most out of the season.

As the season unfolds we will be seeing people here in the clinic with cricket injuries due to the fast, explosive nature of the sport, particularly during bowling when great forces are placed upon the shoulder, elbow, lower back, trunk and leg muscles. Fast bowlers need to protect their backs, particularly teenagers, as the spine is vulnerable to a specific type of fracture, spondylolysis, which could put an early end to the season.

All of these cricket injuries can be prevented to a degree by a good fifteen minute warm-up prior to a match.  The warm up should raise the heart rate slowly by gradually increasing the demand on the heart, for example by slow jogging.  After the initial warm up, dynamic stretches are a great way of preparing the body for the demands of the sport.  These stretches should be carried out on the large muscle groups of the legs, chest and back. Core stability is important, especially for the fast bowler. It is important you are taught properly how to achieve this.

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer an injury through playing cricket, then come to see me here at the clinic.  I can get you on the road to recovery with treatment using state of the art technology, along with a specific rehabilitation programme tailored to your needs.

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