Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Each of us has the ability to alter our destiny by the choices we make. Perhaps not so obvious is that by focusing on what we think, this will affect what we do and ultimately what we get.

The brain has a clever information filtering system called the RAS. Literally billions of bits of data constantly bombard the brain from every direction.   If we even attempted to pay attention to everything, it would result in total chaos as we would be overwhelmed by the quantity of information. This magical mechanism, the RAS, will look for information that can get through the filter, and that filter will be set by what you are focusing on. The brain is then effectively seeking out information that fits your thoughts and your actions will follow suit.

It is this scientifically proven mechanism that is thought to be behind the success of  ‘The Secret’, but  for many, the latter was treated as unbelievable as it was interpreted as ‘think about something once and it will miraculously appear’

I have studied under truly inspirational NLP gurus; Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon and now have the honour of working closely with Joseph co- presenting at Z Factor health events around the world. These gurus have embraced the science and power of the brains filtering system and combined this with NLP to obtain proven results.

So I want to share with you how you can embrace these concepts to your benefit in the process of happiness.

The difference between someone who considers themselves a success or a failure can simply be the lack of focus placed on their thoughts. As an example, if you convince yourself you can’t do something, you will be right, you won’t. But if you convince yourself you can do something, then with determination you will succeed. To achieve happiness we have to work at it, and train our brain to seek it out.

On the whole the brain looks for the familiar, it likes matches, prefers what it knows , it’s easier. So to succeed you must stretch yourself and go outside your comfort zone.

Here’s your homework, you must visualize what you want in your life and then link emotion to it. In your minds’ eye clearly picture where you want to be, when, what you will look like, see, hear, feel, and who will be there with you when you get there. Give attention to every detail. Run a movie in your mind of this and look at yourself in that movie being happy.

If it helps, cut out pictures from a magazine and make a collage, put it on the wall and look at it every day. Next look at the steps you need to get there, plan it out methodically. Write out time lines for activities.  Learn how to run movies in your mind of you already achieving this life, and get good at it.

Then take action to achieve these steps to being the person you strive to be in the life you desire. Happiness is not a passive process, it takes dedication and hardwork.

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