Great event management can help your health and here's how

At Nicky Snazell Clinic Stafford, we find ourselves treating events staff, exhibitors and conference managers for stress-related issues such as back pain, neck pain, and general niggles, most of which are the result of stress caused by their jobs.

If you are involved with running an event or exhibition, it can be a high-stress situation, one which despite your best efforts is controlled by others. - That is where well-executed event management can help.


So, what should you do?  

Firstly, you should carefully select your exhibition partner, someone like Exhibition Designer, custom exhibitions & live events specialists. They take your brief and run it, taking the hassle out of your event management. Event companies like this look after the managed delivery, reducing the stress involved with stand creation. This type of company also understands the best ways to provide breakout areas where event staff and visitors can sit and discuss business in comfortable surroundings.


event management women smiling

Secondly, follow Nicky's advice allow yourself to relax emotionally, draw on your spiritual self through the mind and body meditation- It will relieve your anxiousness and negative energy.  This kind of self-awareness will make a difference to your output at the event and your health and wellbeing.


Stress and negative energy are dangerous because they affect our bodies physically, upsetting digestion, which restricts nutrient absorption making us tired, lethargic and can cause mood swings - all this volatility is no good for our performance.


Headaches, neck stiffness, backache, lots of common issues can be stopped sooner with knowledge and advice. We try to provide this at Nicky Snazell's Pain Relief Clinic because it modifies the causal behaviours that keep a niggle from going away.  The mindset of event staff is paramount to stopping this impending stress developing into ongoing issues.



Think about what you are doing, give yourself time, work with a right exhibition company, remember your mental wellbeing and make time to relax.  Stay well hydrated and smile.


We hope that you enjoyed this article and we look forward to hearing how it helped you.  Thank you and bye for now.







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'The Body’ Nicky’s second instalment of her fantastic ‘Human Garage’ Trilogy is days away from release!

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‘The Body’ Nicky’s second instalment of her fantastic ‘Human Garage’ Trilogy is days away from release!


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Lets meditate on life

I have always found meditation useful to reduce stress and anxiety. Beyond this it has a higher purpose, which is to rediscover our true nature. When our minds are uncluttered we make better choices and we get happier and healthier. When we learn to look deeper into the way we think about the world, especially our purpose for being here, and the way we communicate this, our whole way of living can radically change, and relationships blossom.

There is evidence to suggest the human brain has is still evolving. Within the brain architecture is housed the evidence of its historical development. Modern day MRI imaging has allowed us to start to understand the way we use our minds. It is fascinating that ancient knowledge supports these scientific findings, and the only difference being the language and symbols used to describe it.

In ancient cultures we were very much part of nature, we treated the earth with reverence and worship and considered our healthy existence depended on this.

Shamans pre-dated our modern day doctors, they were masters of meditation and medicine. These ancient healers, guardians of the earth, were forced into secrecacy by so called religious invaders, who kidnapped their lands and tortured those who spoke of the old ways.

Let me briefly share with you how you can look at problems in a fresh way using ancient knowledge.

I have come across shamanic teachings that describe four levels of perception, called serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle.

As you read on you may recognise your predominant way of thinking. Serpent represents the part of the brain we share with lizards and reptiles. We need this to be working well in crisis situations, it is about survival, instinctive needs and holds a very material perception .Dominant lizard brained people take care of business in a very practical way. However, they are not always too pleasant to be around.

Jaguar perception is all to do with the mammalian brain , called the amygydala or limbic center. This way of looking at the world is built on the reptilian perception , with added curiousity , care, compassion, sharing, socially interacting and loving. We look with our belief system seeing what we believe to be true and we share this way with all mammals. In this state of mind with a single new insight we can break free of old habits.

Hummingbird is the ‘soul of the brain’, it encases the other two and embraces such experiences as imagery, music, poetry and dreaming.This is housed in the neocortex which evolved 100,000 years ago. Here we look with reason and we visualise and create solutions within a world seen full of meaning, and we embrace wellbeing.

Finally the eagle perception housed in the prefrontal cortex, the ‘GOD’ brain.It has been described as:”God experiencing itself through man .”Here we look with concerns about the planet, quantum mechanics, the future, pollution, big picture solutions to problems.

Meditation is the door way to explore how you think about problems. Where do you predominantly operate from?

This is just a brief example how an early culture used the power of the mind, many cultures meditate buddism to name a few, some of the most successful people on the planet have learnt the ancient secrets to mastering the power of the mind.Learning to move through different levels of perception brings awareness and opportunity to live an enriched and happy life.

shaping babies mind

Shaping babies mind is an exert from my next book in progress, The HUMAN GARAGE.VOLUME 1,c THE MIND
At the time of writing this my niece is 11 days old.Looking at her reminds me how we start as a ball of cells and grow and grow.In the first month of her life she will form trillions of brain connections.Every second about one thousand new connections form.By the time she is 3, her little head will be three times heavier.
She has a basic genetic blueprint from my brother Jez and Sara.However a combination of this and her experiences will be shaping babies mind.Strongly stimulated connections grow in complexity and unused ones get pruned away. Neuroplasticity is all about, use it or lose it.
What Skyla eats and hears and touches and feels, will form the neural networks for health,intelligence,social skills and language.
Baby Skyla will hear all sorts of languages, then select the most often heard, then communicate in this way, pruning away all unused languages.
This is when my younger brother will curl up his toes,so Jez, make a brew. I used to play magic lifts with him, when he was tiny and we would go to different lands and see imaginary places and people. Imagination is so strong when you are young and healthy. Wonder if he will do this with his daughter.
With my older very patient and adorable brother Rich,I tested the patience of a saint.Wchen I was a little kid, I always wanted to swim all the time, and he took me roller skating and trolley racing. So I wore my swim wear and goggles and float to all the boys activities. I also sat in puddles and filled up sinks full of water.Yes he loved taking me out to play with the boys gang, NOT!!!My imagination at under 5 years old enabled me to enjoy activities in my own strange way and feel happy.I guess I haven’t changed ………….
John Medina in his book brain rules for babies wrote; ’’Greatest paediatric brain boosting technology in the world is probably a cardboard box, a fresh box of crayons and a couple of hours.’’
Pay attention to baby. Speak a lot directly to it with colourful fresh inspiring vocabulary. Communicate with touch, facial expressions and body language, as language is not there to start with and baby associates with body language. Your body language heartfelt responses to babies needs and calls, sculpture intellectual and emotional stability in the child.
Get in the right state of mind as best you can around baby as they are acutely sensitive to your mood/energy. Practice my mind techniques, especially breath and heart before handling the little one, as it can be exhausting and frustrating at times, and you will transmit this strongly.
If you practice energy healing or massage baby will love that. Reiki is great. My cats love their daily Reiki, quieter than the kids’ response, just a lot more fur everywhere.

The key to healthly exercise

The key to healthly exercise is just that.Let’s take another look at why we should exercise so we can hold a green fitness key.Today I find that humans are far too sedentary, all too
often sitting in front of a computer by day, followed by
sitting in front of a TV at night. This lack of physical
activity causes emotional and physiological imbalances,
but we can change this by looking at how we exercise; improving your
fitness changes your chemistry, acts as a powerful antidepressant, promotes
mental clarity, and reduces the likelihood of cancer.
If you’re not happy with either how you look or feel about your weight,
then with correct guidance, you can break out of inactivity and be rewarded
by smiling at yourself whenever you see your reflection. I will guide you towards 4 green keys to health and tonight is fitness.
You can learn more about how and when you should
exercise, as getting the correct mix can extend your life.
When I am working at my clinic, I hear echoing around the walls: I am too
old to exercise, too old to work. Are you too old to exercise? Well, no one told
Jiroemon Kimura (born 1897) that he was too old. He passed away recently
at age 116, farming until he was 90 years old. Remember the Carry On films?
Well, did you know that Barbara Windsor carries on exercising in her late 70s?
You can find her in her gym wear keeping fit outside in Hyde Park.
Over 450,000 people in the USA and over 70,000 people in the UK risk total
knee replacement every year. Want to talk pain? Then talk TKR. What’s
worse is that it is unsuccessful 10% of the time, and you can even die from
having total knee replacement. Furthermore, the age for TKR is constantly
dropping. Why? Anybody want to hazard a guess? That’s right: obesity.
Now, this isn’t proven yet, but it is most likely the biggest cause.

So, what happens when you get fat? Ladies, take the ‘C’ off chips and you
know what you get! Guys, you put it on around the waist and lose sight of
your favourite toy! What you probably don’t know is that your knees are
loaded with up to four times your weight, so every extra stone (14 lbs) is
an extra four stone (56 lbs) on your knees – that’s why knees are so often
the first casualty with OA. If you want to know why the four times multiple
occurs, it’s because of leverage. Now, you are intelligent people, and you are
surely interested in health or you wouldn’t be here. So, why have you made
the decision to get arthritis? Made the decision to get lots of pain? Made
the decision to risk surgery and even death? It’s because much of the pain
associated with the pleasure of eating too much is too far away, and anyway,
going to the gym is a pain for most. We need to change the way we think
about exercise, and hopefully this chapter will go some way to doing that
for you.
Here’s some more cheery news: an in-depth study into retirement found
that men in their sixties are every bit as good at driving business than those
physically and mentally in their prime. In later life, prescriptive exercise is
more effort than swallowing a pill, but it is well worth it; in a nutshell, you get
less senility and less pain. Exercise weaves its magic, strengthening the heart,
releasing more neurotransmitters for cell communication, boosting BDNF
for improving neural connections in the brain, aiding metabolism, improving
blood flow, stimulating toxic disposal systems, and strengthening bones.
This next fact gets me out running in howling gales and rain: current research
in Sweden shows that exercise alters the way genes work in the tissue that
stores fat, and changes in adipose tissue storage sites were measurable even
with just two workouts a week. Epigenetics has always fascinated me since
studying biology, and this is the study of how chemical alterations will
change how genes work in a cell. This allows us to fine tune our body to a
changing environment.
Exercise alters this process in muscle cells and improves how sugar is
processed. Furthermore, adipose tissue (fat cells) is an organ in its own right, producing active chemicals that have profound effects on the body. In
this tissue, 18,000 markers were found on 7,663 genes! This is leading to a
greater understanding of why exercise helps fatty tissue do its job properly,
which means that as we get older, we don’t have to have such a lumpy,
bumpy body. This smooth body needs a good structural support.

A machine won the war for us

I recently watched a moving film called the Imitation Game based on a true story.The lead role brilliantly performed by Benedict Cumberbatch.This inspired me to write about it in my next book the human garage volume 1,the mind.
The story is tragic and enlightening about the human mind, one mans’ emotional fragility, his beliefs and unrelenting drive.The life changing impact of a powerfully creative force within the human mind that is capable of building a machine to solve complex problems at a speed beyond the evolutionary boundaries of our biological brain.
The film was based on the true story of Alan Turing during World War ii,in the darkest hour of devastation and loss of life, when it looked like we were losing. He was an brilliant emotionally tortured unsung war hero, and exceptional mathematician that built the first computer to crack the enigma code and win the war for us.
The Enigma code needed millions of variations to be calculated in just 24 hours beyond the ability of the human mind to crack the code.
Alans’ machine cracked it, and strategically, by using the information from the machine of where the Germans would strike England won the war, and many people lived, thanks to the marriage between man and machine.
The story flows deep, the computer is named after Alan’s childhood sweetheart Christopher, who died at 18, breaking his heart. Alan was gay, and Christopher then became more than the name of his machine, his spirit lived within it.
Homosexuality was still against the law in those days and Alan avoided being imprisoned by accepting the punishment of being injected by dangerous female hormones causing tremors, depression and brain dysfunction. His killed himself at just 42.Had he lived, imagine what other miracles his mind could have come up with.
Yet again we have a story about how someone with special gifts, was to all accounts, murdered by a lack of tolerance in the human mind.
Jesus was a healer,and was placed on a cross to die.Humans are very capable of brutal punishment and intolerance.
If we want to hang onto our precious consciousness, perhaps we should take a long hard look at what it is we are hanging on to .
Humans as we speech can program robots with a consciousness, I wonder what will be programed in the future?Artificial intelligence is coming and faster than we realise.If a machine can win the war for us how can we complain?